Change the way you live with your dog. Enjoying off leash hiking, visits to the beach, patio lunches and more. Get started with a private training package or get your dog signed up for training camp. My Training Programs will give you a dog that is respectful, confident, and well behaved in any situation. We achieve this level of training by using a proven clear communication system, maximizing the dog’s motivation, while also meeting their physical exercise and mental stimulation needs. As a result, the dogs are able to live side by side with their owners.

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Training Philosophy


Behavioral Science has taught us that in order for a dog to understand why they were rewarded/corrected it needs to occur within 1-2 seconds of their behavior. Failure to bridge the gap between behavior and reward/correction causes stress for the dog and inhibits the learning process. Owners are often left with a dog that will only listen when they have food in hand, will only hold positions for a moment, and that do not understand verbal commands. My training system includes proven science-based communication system that will let you dog know exactly what you like and don’t like. Cut learning time in half and watch your dog learn to love training.


Motivation is at the core of every decision our dogs make. Does your dog listen ok at home but blow you off at the park, when another dog is in sight, or when guest come over? If so then your dog’s motivation is out of balance. They are telling you that they rather interact with things in the environment than you. Many training systems skip right over motivation. They start by jumping into training and trying to teach behaviors. That results in unfair corrections to the dog. In my training system we start by maximizing your dog motivation to work for you. Training them becomes not only fun for the dog and owner but much more effective. Your dog will start to drive and push you to do a training session with them. Giving you focus even in the presents of other dogs playing, joggers, wildlife, when they are off leash, and when guest arrive in your home. You will learn how to select the most motivating reward, how to change the way you give your dog rewards to increase motivation, and how to make training part of everyday interactions to increase your reps.


Leadership in modern dog training has nothing to do with dominating your dog or “alpha rolling” them. Learn to how to gain the respect of your dog while also building trust, confidence, and a great relationship with them. Leadership is about setting your dog up for success. This includes: not putting them in situations they are not ready for, not allowing people to interact with them that will undo your training plan, and sticking to your training plan to the end. I will show you simple things to add into your everyday life that will become second nature for you and help keep you on track with leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone should feel comfortable with their training program. I have laid out the core concepts of my training system here on the website. Some people want more than that. They want to know exactly what we will be doing in each session. I do no offer cookie cutter dog training that drags a dog though a preset system. All my programs are custom made for you and your dog. We will go through the steps at a pace that is appropriate for both of you. Here I am going to address some of the common questions I get that apply to all situations. If after checking out the website you still have questions please send us an email with details about your dog, goals, and any questions you might have. 

What kind of dogs do you work with?

All ages, breeds, mixes, and sizes are welcome! Write down your goals for your dog and then let’s exceed them! I specialize in off leash control and being able to live with your dog on the beautiful central coast. Proper puppy foundation is one of my passions and I can help you avoid so may problems if you start as soon as your dog comes home.

How much time will training take each week?

If you want to sign up for private training you will need to work with your dog 5-6 days a week and be able to take your dog to at least 4 different locations a week. While it is dog dependent you should plain at least 3 obedience training session each day. They will be 5-10 mins each. Dogs learn the best with shorter sessions done often each day. You will be working on Social Manners in most interactions you have with your dog but it will not feel like training. Remember that your dog is learning with every interaction they have with you! If you don’t think you will have time then Training Camp is the perfect option for you. When your dog comes home you will just have to maintain the training your dog has.


Do You offer payment plans?

Payment for training is due in full when you book your private training package or when I pick your dog up for Camp. I take checks, cash, venmo, and paypal. The CampWorks Hybrid program can be paid for in two parts. You can pay for the private sessions first, then for the Camp portion when I pick up your dog. However, you receive a discount if you pay for both upfront. Paypal credit cards offer no interest for 6 months. Please contact me with specifics about your situation and I will do what I can find a solution.

Last weekend we were in a pretty bad car accident on 101 at 3:30 am. A driver in a car fell asleep and hit us
totaling out our 1 ton dually pickup and our enclosed trailer. Rico was in the back seat thankfully. We all walked away
with no injuries. Rico was totally shaken up but was so well behaved as he sat with us on the side of the road for 2 hours
and then layed on the floor in a Mcdonalds for 4 hours until we could rent a car to come home. All the highway patrol officers were saying what a great dog Rico was. It’s a time like that that I thank god I came to you and did the extra work to make him such a great dog.
Thanks for all you do!

Amy with Rio

Marina and I wanted to express our greatest thanks for all of the had work you spent with us and Karlie.  We wanted to give you a quick update as to how things are going.

The backpacking trip was a huge success. Even on a wide trial or in a open camp Karlie was right with us.  Also, we worked on using the command “back” for her to walk between myself and Marina when we wanted to contain her speed down the trail.

Additionally, yesterday Marina took the dog out for the first time when she went riding on her horse.  Marina said she needs to be a bit more horse aware (she doesn’t understand that the horse could kick her), but on a bigger note she didn’t wander away even when there were distractions of atv’s, other horses, and walkers!

At home, since the backpacking trip, she really enjoys staying close and when she does wander a little she comes back when called every time.

Anyway we look forward to working with her more and more and look forward to what additional training programs we will attempt.  Also we can’t speak highly enough of your skill and abilities.  We tell everyone proudly about you and give high recommendations whenever we can.

Evan & Marina with Karlie

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