Marina and I wanted to express our greatest thanks for all of the had work you spent with us and Karlie.  We wanted to give you a quick update as to how things are going.

The backpacking trip was a huge success.  The collar was a great tool to have especially when the trail was wide open or when in camp.  It stayed charged for entire trip.  Also, we worked on using the command “back” for her to walk between myself and Marina when we wanted to contain her speed down the trail.

Additionally, yesterday Marina took the dog out for the first time when she went riding on her horse.  Marina said she needs to be a bit more horse aware (she doesn’t understand that the horse could kick her), but on a bigger note she didn’t wander or need any collar corrections even when there were distractions of atv’s, other horses, and walkers.

At home, since the backpacking trip, she really enjoys staying close and when she does wander a little she comes back when called every time.

Anyway we look forward to working with her more and more and look forward to what additional training programs we will attempt.  Also we can’t speak highly enough of your skill and abilities.  We tell everyone proudly about you and give high recommendations whenever we can.

Finally here’s a pic from the trip.