IntCh CA UNJ UWP URO1 GRCH Lore’s Vivacious Vixen @ Cantina

UKC Titles: Coursing Aptitude, United Novice Jumper, United Weight Pull, United Rally 1, Grand Champion

IABCA: Internation Champion



Int CH UWP URO2 UJJ PTS Ramsey’s Cisco at the Cantina NW2 CGC

I waited 9 years to get a Malinois and Cisco was well worth the wait! He has the perfect balance of motivation, drive, and stability. He is 100% in anything that I ask him to do. He can come off the Mondioring field and walk right into a preschool. I just love this dog. We are currently competing in Weight Pull, NoseWork , Rally and Regular Obediance, Lure Coursing, and Dock Diving, We will be hitting the trial circuit hard in 2015 and hope to add Agility, Barn Hunt, and Mondioring to that list. Check back for updates.

UKC Titles: United Weight Puller, United Rally Obedience 2,  United Junior Jumper, Pre Trial Superior

NACSW Titles: NoseWork 2

IABCA Titles: Internation Champion

Other Titles: Canine Good Citizen


Cantina’s Kona Mudslide NW1 L1C PTN

Kona is the friendliest dog I have even seen. She came to me in 2007 from a puppy mill raid. She is amazingly motivated and loves to work. Her biggest struggle in training was her environmental sensitivities. Those are 99% gone and is a happy happy dog. She has taken Cuervo’s place as the none reactive dog for my dog aggression students. Her favorite sport is NoseWork and she is amazing at it. She was the fist dog to earn her Pre Trial Birch title in a UKC event. She also has her NACSW level one and NACSW Speciality Element Title. 2016 will hopefully offer more NoseWork trials so we can show what we can do!


Cantina’s Dash of Salt

Dash came from the Fresno County Shelter at 8 months old in 2007. While he had lived totally outside he wanted to train and had great recovery to new scary things ( like the celling fan). He is very food and toy motivated and very fun to work with. He has been attacked by several off leash dogs and that has made in uncomfotable in competition settings with large numbers of excited dogs. In turn I am very outspoken about the roaming dog problem we have here in San Luis Obispo. I am hoping to have his confidence back and hit some trials in 2014.