This is the equipment list for NoseWork class.

These collars and harness are available at Specially Pet Supply in Atascadero and online. The beta lines are not available at any local store. Beta line are great but not required and any light 6-8 foot leash will do. I have provided links to companies I have used in the past. Feel free to google these products to find sales or deals.

ComfortFlex Sport Harness: The lightly padded harness offers you and your dog safety, simplicity, and security. Unlike many harnesses, the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, like your dog’s throat and underarm, during any level of exercise. Due to the dynamic position of the leash connection, pressure is always directed directly to the dog’s chest, never riding up on his throat. This simple yet effective ergonomic design also lets your dog retain a full range of motion without having to worry about underarm irritation or chafing. These harness are only warn when doing NoseWork. Measure your dog’s girth, pick your color. Order them here:

1.5 Inch Wide Collars: These are special collars that the dogs only wears when they are doing NoseWork. The wide collar lets us safely apply back presser if needed. It is also is a signal to your dog it is time to sniff, ok to pull on the leash, and not time to go potty. These are soft nylon clip collar that come in a verity of colors.  Measure your dogs neck just behind his ears. Here are two options for these collars:

Click here for solid colors

Click here for prints 



8 Foot Beta Line: Our synthetic working leads are made of high quality and durable biothane (beta) so you can bed sure they will perform whenever and wherever necessary. This material is perfect as a tracking line because it does not pick up any foreign matter while out in the field and it does not knot up easily. Great for every day use, nosework, search and rescue, detection work, and work out in the field. Our biothane (beta) is extremely durable, easy to grab in your hands, and does not pick up outdoor stickers and brush like nylon would.

Order:  8 foot leash, no handle, and lightest snap.

Order online here: