Charlie was adopted from a shelter in southern CA and was supposed to be trained to be a service dog. With into 24 hour of adoption he had chewed though drywall of her parents home, scaled their 12 foot wall and would not come back for hours, and attacked the neighbors dog. When the shelter was notified about his behavior the family was told that they could bring him back and he would be put down.  Nicole stepped up and committed to training and brought him home to live on the central coast. She called me right away and we got to work.

We had 4 weeks until she started collage to get Charlie in shape. Charlie was not food motivated, did not like toys outside of the house, was very dominate with dogs, and had horrible separation anxiety. Nicole booked 6 sessions and we got to work. By the end of the month Charlie was going to parks and the beach off leash, slept quietly when in a crate, took every command the first time asked, was playing with toys outside of the house, was no longer reactive to other dogs, and was a loved member of the family.

Charlie is a great example of how important it is not to get stuck with cookie cutter training systems. I created a program that was both fair and easy for the dog to understand, easy for the owner to follow, that produced results when we needed them. It saved Charlie’s life and gave him a forever home.

Bellow is a note from their last trip together.

Charlie and I are doing wonderful, I haven’t had any problems with him since his training ended. I have even been able to teach him a couple new tricks which was fun. We went to big bear this past week and he was great! Thank you again for all your help, you complete transformed him!!