Private Training


Private Training allows me to create a program for you and your dog around your schedule. Once students are ready to commit to training, I ask that they book a discounted training package. Training will happen in phases and these packages will include enough sessions to take you through them. I do not offer single session for new students. I want owners to commit to the full training process. Once you have completed a package you may book single sessions at any time for brush up or if you would like to work on something new.



Want to know exactly what I would recommend before jumping into training? Meet with me for 45 mins to learn about my training system. I will meet you and your dog in your home and be able to better gage how everything will apply to your situation and what approach we will use. Consultations are not required and most student start with the training package. The cost of a consultation is $150 and if you decided to move forward with training we will start right away and the $150 will be credited toward your package or camp. Click here to sign up online for a single in-home session.



Training Package

You will learn motivational training methods and a clear communication system, that will have you and your dog working as a team in no time. Engagement and ignoring distractions are at the core of this package. This package includes 6 sessions. Sessions last 1 hour. The cost for this package is $600. Click here to sign up online. 



CampWorks Hybrid

This camp / private training Hybrid combines the best of both programs at the lowest price I can offer. You will start with 4 private training sessions. This allows you to bond with your dog trough training and gain a full understanding of the training methods. Next your dog will come in for 7-10 days of In Board Training. While staying with me for training the dogs will move to the off-leash stage of training. We focus quite a bit on recall, boundary training, and loose leash walking. Since I am able to training your dog many times a day around many situations including other dogs and people the dog learns quickly and it is very effective. In Board Training is followed up with 1 more private training session to transfer all the training over to the owner. Owners who pick this option should have time for homework during the private stages of training. This package may be spread out over time as the dog goes though the phase of learning. This means that puppies may sign up for this package as well. Cost $1300. Click here to sign up online.

•an educator plus collar ( $220.00 value )

•a total of 5 private sessions

•7-10 days of in board training

Frequently Asked Questions

I have completed a training package and need refresher session. How do I book that?

Once you have completed a package you can book follow up sessions at any time. Click here to book one.

What do we do each week?

The first session will include an evaluation and introduction to my training system.Then you will get a rough timeline for training.

I am not ready to commit to a full training package. How can I learn more about your program and how it will apply to my dog?

You can book a Consultation to get to know me better and learn more about my training program. Click here to sign up.

How often will we meet for training?

Book your sessions 1-2 weeks apart. That way you will have enough time to do your homework and be ready to move to the next step in your next session.

What if I need to reschedule?

I am very flexible with scheduling. Just send me an email telling me you need to change your appointment and what day and time you want to come instead.