Ranch Retreat


Send your dog to relax our 5 acres family ranch in the Santa Rosa country side. Dogs live in my home and not in a stressful kennel. Space is very limited and I only take a few dogs at a time.



Each stay is customized for your dog’s needs. Some dogs do great in proper play groups and some don’t. Some are older and need medications. Some are escape artist. I can make them all safe and comfortable.

Daily walk on the property and group walks for those that are good with dogs are included in our rates. 

Swiming and Grooming can be added for additional fees.

Email info@DogWorks805.com to book your spot. Note that we are “closed” on Sundays and their is an extra fee to drop off or pick up on those days when we can accommodate it. 

Daily Rate: $75 a day. Additional Dog $35 a day

Weekly Rate: $65 a day. Additional Dog $30 a day

Monthly Rate: $50 a day. Additional Dog $25 a day

Daycare Rate: $45 a day or $30 for 3 or more days a week.

*Swim sessions can be added to your dogs stay for just $20. Dog swim in a 21 foot above ground dog pool *

** Your dog can have a nail trim before they come home for $12. I use a dremel. It is less stress and leave the nail smooth. 

*** Your dog can have a bath before they come home. Fee will depend on the breed.***

Ericka has been in my dogs life since she was a pup. She is the dog whisper! Ericka is great for boarding, she even picks up your pet.
For boarding, training, and refresh training.
Ericka is the best, won’t take my dog anywhere else:)

Our dog Lupine started out with an extensive dog training boot camp with Ericka. We can not say enough great things about Ericka and the way she worked with Lupine. We have sent Lupine back to Ericka for boarding and never stress about her being there. Lupine is always happy to go along with Ericka and comes back happy….and even better behaved. Ericka is a natural with the dogs!!

We met Ericka when we were in need of a dog trainer. She is an awesome dog trainer and we happy to hear that she also provided dog boarding. Due to a family emergency we had to suddenly arrange boarding for Lucca. Ericka was very understanding and helpful in our crisis. Ericka emailed us updates and even sent us some videos of Lucca playing with the other dogs. It was so appreciated and gave me piece of mind. We have used Ericka’s boarding services a few times and Lucca always come back happy & healthy!

My dog and I both highly recommend Ericka!!! I love boarding with her because my dog is getting training and love while I am off vacationing and I don’t have to worry about her. My dog loves it because Erika speaks her language and treats her like one of her own dogs. My dog has nothing but wags for her. 🙂

We have left our two dogs with Ericka multiple times, often over a three week period. They are always happy to see her when she comes to pick them up. The best thing about boarding with Ericka is that I have absolutely no worries about their safety. She is an excellent dog trainer and always has total control over her dogs. She often has all the dogs that are with her at the time sitting on their individual beds all together! She is happy to give them whatever combination of food that my dogs are on, or if they need any medication or flea control. They get regular exercise, social interaction, sincere care and they might even come back with some better manners!

Ericka is a FANTASTIC dog trainer. My dog was horrible with recall, deathly afraid of his leash and would whine for hours in his outside run (which is very sizeable). Ericka was patient and firm with both of us and all our challenges have been resolved. We are now on to more advanced training and it is great. We did a few private lessons to start and then completed the 10-day camp and it was well worth the money and time away from our dog. I guarantee she can help with any obediance or behavioral issue with any type of dog!

Ericka is the best. Our dog Bob stays with her every time we are out of town. Bob comes home tired and behaving better then he was before his stay. There isn’t anywhere else in the County that offers boarding that even comes close to the level of service and personal care that Ericka provides.
– David & Lissa-

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