Int CH UWP URO2 UJJ PTS Ramsey’s Cisco at the Cantina NW2 CGC

I waited 9 years to get a Malinois and Cisco was well worth the wait! He has the perfect balance of motivation, drive, and stability. He is 100% in anything that I ask him to do. He can come off the Mondioring field and walk right into a preschool. I just love this dog. We are currently competing in Weight Pull, NoseWork , Rally and Regular Obediance, Lure Coursing, and Dock Diving, We will be hitting the trial circuit hard in 2015 and hope to add Agility, Barn Hunt, and Mondioring to that list. Check back for updates.

UKC Titles: United Weight Puller, United Rally Obedience 2,  United Junior Jumper, Pre Trial Superior

NACSW Titles: NoseWork 2

IABCA Titles: Internation Champion

Other Titles: Canine Good Citizen