Family Dog Obedience



Group Obedience Classes are open to all student that have competed their foundation work in private training or a training camp. Click here for more info on private training. All classes have a maximum of 6 dogs for personal attention.

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Family Dog Obedience 1

The focus in this class is on the basic skills needed for your dog to be a good family companion.

We will work on perfecting:

•Down Stay

•Come when called

•Not jumping when greeting people

•Ignoring dogs while walking dog the street and not pulling on leash

•Bed Training

We will meet for 1 hour, once a week , for 4 weeks. The cost is $100. Register here


Family Dog Obedience 2 : Drop In

Now that your dog has the basics down lets hit the road with training. We will met in a different location each week and work the dog to help the generalization. Each class starts with a group walk then is followed by training. These are a drop in style class that is first come first serve. You may sign up for a run up to 24 hours before the start. There will be multiple runs and courses. Cost is $30 and because of the structure of the class each owner should only sing up one dog. Register here

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