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At some point your dog may start to display behaviors that you may not like. Some dogs are born more “pushy” than others. Some have learned that these behaviors get them attention. Whatever the reason may be, this exercise will help most dogs perform these behaviors less often.

  • Refusing to get off your bed/furniture
  • Demanding that you pet him by nudging and pawing at your hand, leg, or arm
  • Dropping toys at your feet when he decides it is time to play, then barking if you do not respond
  • Playing the keep away game when you call him
  • Changing some of your everyday interaction with your dog and making him “Work For It” will help these behaviors become less frequent. In addition, it will also help you get the upper hand and develop the necessary leadership skills to have a happy, healthy relationship with your dog.

    “Work For It”

    Many breeds of dogs were originally bred to have a job of some kind, from herding sheep to controlling rodent populations. So they are built to learn and work. When they are not given a job they will often create their own. So follow these steps and give them a job you would like them to do.

  • First, you must teach your dog some basic behaviors like “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “release”. I recommend using positive reinforcement methods to teach your dog. He will learn faster and will be less likely to develop fear toward you.
  • Additionally, you may teach your dog some fun tricks, like high five, sing, and spydog.
  • Now you can put these newly learned behaviors to use. Here is a list of things that you do with your dog on a daily basis. Now your dog must work to get some of his daily pleasers. Withhold what your dog wants until he performs the behavior that you ask for.

    *Make sure that your dog fully understands his commands before you start using them in this exercise*

    Dogs that are fearful and unsure will also benefit from this exercise. Knowing what is expected of them will give them confidence.

    If your dog becomes aggressive at any time, you should seek help from a professional.