Trial Success

Trial Results for Elite K9 Solutions Teams

2/1/15 Vixen picks ups some wins toward her grand championship 

Vixen win 2-1-15

1/19/15 Sheila got her last leg for her Rally Excellent title on Saturday!! 


1/19/15 Miley picked up two leg in AKC open Obedience this weekend and Mattie picked up some Conformation points! 

2015-01-19 15.38.54

12/28/14: Sheila got her second pass at NW3 with serval top 3 placements! One more ass to get their Elite Title!


11/8/14: Tess, Penny, Miley and Mattie passed their ORTs for Birch, Anise, and Clove today! Way to go teams!!

dog bone pink

9/21/14 Vixen Finishes her United Rally Obedience 1 Title getting a 4th place and earning her first total dog award!

vixen ribbon

9/21/14 Vixen Finishes her conformation Championship.


9/21/14 Vixen Finishes her United Weight Pull Title!!


9/20/14 Cisco finishes his United Rally Obedience 2 Title taking High In Trial for both shows and earning his first total dog award.


9/20/14 Cisco take Reserve Male in his first conformation show.


9/19/14 Cisco finishes his United Weight Puller Title by pulling over 8 times his body weight.


9/6/14 Cisco Earns is NW2 title with a 4th overall place out of 33 dog, and a first place on the exterior search!



Local UKC Show Dates

This years UKC show will be held September 19 -21 at the santa maria els lodge. The clubs will be hosting confirmation, obedience, weight pull, and rally-o. I hope to see everyone there showing what their dogs can do!!

Karen and Sophie Earn their CGC

SophieThis is Sophie of Suntides and her team – Gary, the evaluator from San Francisco, Jim, Karen, and Ericka, her trainer – who insisted that everything Sophie did was just right and it was – so now she is now Sophie of Suntides, AKC All American Dog, CGC.  (That’s “Canine Good Citizen” for the uninitiated) Hooray!

It was a great day. The sky was  blue and the weather balmy. The sharp-eyed evaluator was ready.  Sophie stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park.  Cheers, photos and paperwork, were followed by a trip to Paso Robles where she paraded around the square and was greeted by accolades from adoring fans. “What a beautiful dog!” To which she responded with only a slight nod of her head from an appropriate distance – she is a Canine Good Citizen after all – lunch at a nice restaurant where the waiter brought her water in a shiny silver bowl (she didn’t spill a drop – she is a CGC after all) and then a nap while Karen and Jim talked with local artists and had frozen yogurt. It was a great day!

Thanks so much!

Lori and Sawyer Earn their NW2

Sawyer NW2They placed 4th overall, had a 6th place in the exterior search, and an 8th place in the every difficult interior search that only half the dogs passed that day! . Only 14% of the dogs that entered passed so it was a tough day.  So proud of this team! Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.29.20 PM


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